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date Tue, 23 Feb 2010 04:35:58 +0800
One of the younger generation seiyuu that I like is Mizuhara Kaoru
(Misao in Lucky Star, Yomi in Garei Zero, Saki in Kanamemo).

A couple of weeks ago, I saw a manga called "Seiyuu gekijou Paprion !
Mizuhara-san" in Toranoana.  From the cover, it looks like the manga
is about the life of seiyuu Mizuhara Kaoru (part fiction, part real).
 She is credited as the supervisor of the manga, while the comic is
illustrated by Konno Takashi.

I finally got the manga this week.  Mizuhara said that she do a lots
of part time job.  She was working part time as a telephone operator
when she was voicing the heroine (Yomi) of Garei Zero.  One of the
customer asked her over the phone if she was the "black hair heroine
of Garei Zero", and she replied that "Garei ?  Oh you meant the rock
band Glay ?"

In the manga, she has 2 kouhai in the same seiyuu agency : Fujita-san
and Jenya-chan.   It turns out that these 2 characters are modeled
from her 2 real kouhai : Fujita Masayo, and our fellow seiyuu-MLer
Jenya.  All three belongs to the seiyuu agency Media Force.

There is a 4-page talk segment at the end of the manga volume, with a
few photos of the 3 seiyuu. The profile column said Jenya has the role
of Rariisuka (sp?) in TV anime "Cheburashka Arere ?".

I then went to Wiki Japan to check on Jenya's entry.  Her credits include :

TV Anime :
Mainichi Kaa-san (Miisha Mama)
Nyankoi! (Russian Cat)
Cheburashka Arere ? (Rariisuka (sp?))

Anime Movie :
Evangelion Shin-gekijou-ban : Ha (Nerf Bethania Base Staff, plus the
movie's Russian translation)
Maimai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou

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