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date Wed, 17 Feb 2010 12:04:44 +0900
Michael Studte <izumi@iinet.net.au> wrote:
| My favourites this season are:
| Sora no Woto (K-on no Woto? :)

I'll just wait for K-On2.

| Hidamari Sketch Hoshimitsu (wow, third season is as good as the first two!)

I didn't watch the previous ones so there's too much to catch up with.

| Also watching:
| Vampire Bund
| Omamori Himari
| Ookami Kakushi

Among the new series, I'm only watching Himari and Qwaser.
Both are decent.

| Still catching up on:
| Nogizaka Haruka II
| GA

Liked Haruka Purezza, but not as much as the first series.
Still great characters.
I stopped watching GA in the middle.
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