[seiyuu:26652] Re: [CD] Only My Railgun

to seiyuu@usagi.org
from Michael Studte <izumi@iinet.net.au>
subject [seiyuu:26652] Re: [CD] Only My Railgun
date Fri, 05 Feb 2010 10:22:45 +0800
On Fri Jan 22 13:18 , Hitoshi Doi <doi@usagi.org> sent:
>| Anyway, I didn't watch Railgun because I didn't watch Magical Index,
>| but if you like it I will start watching it, and Magical Index too.
>I didn't watch Index either.

Watched episode 1, the rest got lost in all the other stuff I was watching.
have it, just haven't had a chance to watch yet.

>Since I like the current characters, I don't think I'll go back
>to watch Index.

Well, with episode 17 having a cameo appearance, I have to go back and watch
Index now. Three second rule, indeed. :)

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