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subject [seiyuu:26590] Gamers Akihabara
date Thu, 30 Jul 2009 13:07:29 +0900
Went to Gamers Akihabara last night.

The first floor of Gamers (the small one on the corner) is 95% K-On!
Lots of CDs, DVDs, and advertisement posters for the DVD and blueray.
There are nice individual advertisement posters of the four girls.
I wish I can  sneak some pics of them...

The second floor is 100% Sphere!  They are having a Sphere fair until
this Sunday.  I wish I can sneak some pics here, but this seems more
closely guarded.  Lots of CDs, posters, towels, and other goods that
were only for sale on their web site or at concerts.  But many of
them, especially the Tomatsu Haruka stuff, is already sold out.
I had to really control myself not to buy every single one of the
Toyosaki Aki goods.

Hitoshi Doi
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