[seiyuu:26419] Re: Akihabara incident today

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from Joe Monson <nihon@nausicaa.net>
subject [seiyuu:26419] Re: Akihabara incident today
date Sun, 15 Jun 2008 02:41:51 -0600
On 14 Jun 2008, at 19:47, Joe Petrow wrote:

> On 6/15/08, Tim <tenton@mac.com> wrote:
>>> PS2. During this morning's Iwate-Miyagi Inland M7.2 Earthquake,
>>> Stephen and I was in Hyogo-prefecture, and we did not feel anything.
>>> We only knew what had just been happened when all TV stations
>>> immediately switched to live broadcast of the earthquake.
>> Hyogo is pretty far away from the earthquake, though, isn't it? It  
>> would
>> have been difficult to feel and realize that it was an earthquake.  
>> I can
>> imagine what it's like in that area; my thoughts go out to the  
>> people that
>> have been affected tragically by the earthquake.
> In Tokyo, the high speed elevators in the Mori Building were stopped
> by the computer sensor systems.  So there was probably something to
> feel, if you were focused enough on feeling it.

Hyogo-ken is much farther away from Iwate-ken than Tokyo is. Hyogo-ken  
is just west of Osaka and Kyoto, so it would have to be a really  
spectacular earthquake to be felt that far away.


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