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from Hitoshi Doi <doi@usagi.org>
subject [seiyuu:26418] Re: Akihabara incident today
date Sun, 15 Jun 2008 17:38:47 +0900
Tim <tenton@mac.com> wrote:
| > When she was offering flowers and praying for the dead, many media
| > people took photos/videos of her.  She asked them not to do that
| > several times, but the media kept pressing, and asked if she was the
| > victim's family or friend.  She had to run away from the scene, and
| > some of the media still chased her for a couple of blocks.
| They knew who she was (the media), right? It would seem odd for them  
| to be harassing her for the hell of it, no? For them to take pics and  
| ask her questions, unless they were doing that for everyone there,  
| it's a bit odd (unless they had an idea on who she was).

They didn't know who she was.  They were hounding everyone.
For the more emotional people they probably thought it was
a family member or someone close, so they wanted to get some
juicy interviews.

Hitoshi Doi
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