[seiyuu:26336] Re: Happy New Year!

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from Michael Studte <izumi@iinet.net.au>
subject [seiyuu:26336] Re: Happy New Year!
date Fri, 04 Jan 2008 19:25:09 +0900
On Fri Jan  4 17:21 , ''CuSO4' Yung' <cuso4@cuso4.com> sent:
>And there are JAM Project events :
>JAM Project Live ! Japan Flight 2008 No Border
>02.02 (Sat) Saitama open 16:00 start 17:00
>02.11 (Mon) Nagoya  open 17:00 start 18:00
>02.16 (Sat) Osaka   open 17:00 start 18:00

All sold out according to the website, except Nagoya...

And while I'd love to see Rika Matsumoto again, I don't think I'll worry to
o much
about this one.

I'll probably try to catch up with AKB48 instead...

BTW. What is the name of the one of the concert ticket companies, there was
with a branch next to Keio dept store in Shinjuku west... I got my Momusu t
there before, but I can't remember the name or web site...

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