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subject [seiyuu:26327] Re: Takayama Minami
date Mon, 17 Dec 2007 15:11:03 +0900
On Mon Dec 17 14:02 , cuso4@cuso4.com sent:
>According to 10 Dec's Japanese newspaper Sponichi,
>Takayama Minami divorced with Aoyama Goushou (mangaga,
>Meitantei Conan).=20

-_- That is so sad...

>They got to knew each other for 10 year since Minami
>voicing the lead character of Aoyama's earlier manga
>"Yaiba".  They started to see each other romantically
>since Jan 2004.  Minami proposed to Aoyama in Mar 2005
>and they got married on 05 May 2005, Minami's birthday.

Hehehe, that seems so like her, to propose to him. ^_^

>Takayama Minami's real name is Arai Izumi, and was born
>on 1964.05.05.  Her management agent is 81 Produce.=20

She's 43? Wow, I always thought I was much older than her...

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