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Event    Natsukashi no Idol Song 23
Location Live Inn Magic
Date     2007.08.20
Time     19:00 - 22:20
Cost     3500 yen
Guest    Itou Asuka
         Imano Mai
         Fujisaki Touko
         few other singers

This was a singing event featuring several minor idols,
featuring songs of 80's and 90's idols.
I went to see Itou Asuka.

I arrived around 19:45, and the first performer was on the stage.
There were around 30 people in the crowd.

Asuka's stage started at around 19:50,
and she was wearing a green yukata.
All of the performers wore yukatas for this event.

Asuka's stage lasted for around 20 minutes, and she sang four songs.

 - 南の風・夏少女[浅倉亜季]
 - Do- して[桜っ子クラブ]
 - あなたがおうちにやってくる[水野あおい]
 - アフロディーテの夏[堀川早苗]

At the very beginning of the event, all of the performers had sung a medley.
Asuka sang "Touch" for that, but I missed it. (^_^;

At the end of the event, all of the performers sang "Natsumatsuri".

After the event, all of the performers sold some goods.
Asuka sold individual photos for 100 yen each.
It was a mix of old photos (from around 5 years ago), and recent photos.

Photos without flash allowed.  Video, audio recording not allowed.

Pics at photos.usagi.org/asuka/20070820/

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