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I'm not much of a fan of Hirano Aya, but I "found" this DVD.. (^_^;

ラブレター (Hirano Aya)
released 2007.11.21
3990 yen
56 min
single side/single layer
mpeg2, region 2 

This is an image video by Hirano Aya.
This is her first solo DVD.

The contents are as follows.

   1. Love Letter -Prologue
   2. Document -oyasumi kudasai 1
   3. Nostalgia -2007 Summer
   4. Document -oyasumi kudasai 2
   5. Flower
   6. Futari bocchi
   7. Kikyou
   8. Document -audition 1
   9. Hatsukoi -watasenakatta tegami
  10. Day & Date
  11. Cafe 1
  12. Document -audition 2
  13. Cafe 2
  14. Interview -audition 3
  15. Love Letter -Epilogue
  16. "making of" 

The "Document" segments are videos taken in an office in Tokyo.
The first two segments have Aya asking her manager for a short vacation
(oyasumi kudasai) and the manager refusing her.
This is sort of funny.. (but cruel).
It could be true, or just maybe acting for the DVD.

The next segments have Aya recording voice samples of various characters
for an audition.

The other segments have Aya walking around in Okinawa. It is mostly set
to some BGM, but there is a little bit of monolgue in some of the segments.

At the very end, Aya runs up to the camera and says,
"It might not be all fiction." 

My web page with jacket pics at:


I also made avi's of the 16 segments..  in the usual place.
Hitoshi Doi
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