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* Yokoyama Chisa

  - Chisa worked in Shounen Jump before debutting as a seiyuu
* Miyamura Yuuko

  - her nickname, Miyamu, was first used by Nogami Yukana (now 
  - she married Mangaka Nakatani D, and got divoced
  - she re-married fellow artist Seki Takayuki of the same management 
    agency in 2004, and gave birth to her daughter on 1st Sep 2004
  - in April 2005, her husband joined Universial Studio Japan in 
    Osaka, and the whole family moved there
  - after her move to Osaka, she would only accept new seiyuu work if
    the production is willing to pay the return transporation fee in 
    addition of her usual earning
  - Meitantei Conan is willing to pay her transportation fee so she
    retained her Wakaba role
  - she also work as Sound Director on TV anime series, eg. Loveless, 
    using her married name Seki Yuuko, and has the same condition : 
    additional return trip transportation fee
* Shiga Mariko (1969.12.24-1989.11.23)

  - seiyuu debut : Yumi of Magical Idol Pastel Yumi back in 1986 
  - she was an idol before bebutting as a seiyuu
  - went to further syudies in Califonia, US, in Aug 1989
  - on 1989.11.23, holiday travel to Arizona, involved in an accident
    on the freeway, got thrown out of the car, and passed away
  - she is the youngest seiyuu that passed away
* Shiina Hekiru
  - a few years ago, she said that she would not do seiyuu work 
    again after her success in her singing career
  - in 2006, she was found getting a few seiyuu roles....
* Hirano Aya

  - currently studying in Collage of Humanities in Tamagawa 
    University, located at the Tokyo side at the boundary between 
    Tokyo-to and Kanagawa-ken 
  - her new nickname Kakka, meaning "your excellency", was invented 
    by fellow seiyuu Sugita Tomokazu, "Kyon-kun" in Suzumiya Haruhi 
    no Yuuutsu
  - one of her hobby is reading books, and the number of books she 
    own is counted using "ten thousand" as units; guitar is her other 
  - her special skills is prediction, as both she and her mother can 
    sometimes vision what will happen next
  - as report earlier in separare email, she collapsed and was rushed
    to hospital during a after-recording warlier this month, and had 
    to cancel her Waseda University event
  - it was announced that she will also miss the 11th Animation Kobe 
    Award Presentation Ceremony on 2006.11.19.  Animation Kobe Award 
    is the anime Oscar of Japan.  This year, Suzumiya Haruhi no 
    Yuuutsu won the Best TV Anime Award, and ED Hare hare yukai won 
    the Radio Kansai Award (sponserd name of the Anime Song Award).  
    Originally Aya, Gotou Yuuko, and Chihara Minori will attend.  Now 
    only the latter two will be there
* Gotou Yuuko

  - her new nickname Gotooza-sama, was invented by fellow seiyuu 
    Sugita Tomokazu, "Kyon-kun" in Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu.  This 
    nickname is somehow related to Hokuto no Ken, the famous TV anime 
  - she keitai's incoming ringtone for her management agency is 
    Godfather's Theme
  - she specialy is illustration and she had illustrated Asahina 
    Mikuru, her character in Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu, many times 
    and were seen in a few anime magazines
  - her high score of a set of 10 frames of bowling is 35
  - she graduated in Nagoya University of Foreign Studies and is good 
    at English : Eiken - grade 1; TOEIC - 815; TOEFL - 565
  - after her graduation, she worked as an AD (assistant director) in 
    a local TV station, and the staff in the TV station found her 
    voice good and recommend her to try seiyuu work
  - she called seiyuu production Baobab, now her management agency, 
    for audition for seiyuu school.  Unfortunately, her timing was 
    wrong as they were in the middle of the school season; she 
    immediately  requested to be auditioned as a regular seiyuu 
    instead of the school, making the phone receptionist speechless.  
    She passed the audition in flying color
  - she is a biker, and her bike is a Honda CB400SF.  She loves to 
    travel a lot in her bike, and rides her bike from home to her 
    management agency
  - her twoshots with her bike during a recent road trip : 
  - her twoshots with her wearing the Stitch outfit, the prize of 
    the bingo game in TV anime series Love Doll's production 
    completion party :
    Trivia question : who is the seiyuu standing next to Gotooza-sama 
    in this photo which was taken in the party ?  Hint : note the URL
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