[seiyuu:26170] Hirano Aya Hospitalized

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subject [seiyuu:26170] Hirano Aya Hospitalized
date Tue, 14 Nov 2006 02:07:43 +0800
During an after-recording session of the TV anime series Death Note
on 11/3, Hirano Aya collapsed, found to be having high temperture 
and was rushed to hospital.  All her subsequent events are being cancelled.

On Aya's offical web site Aya Dama (http://www.hiranoaya.com/),
she wrote on 11/5 that she had to cancel upcoming events as per
her doctor's recommendation.

Meanwhile, some "insiders" indicated that the cause of her illness
was that her management agency get too many work : 7 regular roles,
3 radio shows, and at the same time an university student.  Many 
fans started to file complains to the management agency.  Some have
even operate a table in the streets of Akiba asking others to make
thousand-feather-crane and sign get well messages..... 

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