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There will be a AMS PS2 Game to be released in Feb 2007. 
Journal : mystery solving mahou action

The First Press Limited Edition Box Set "Holy Box" contains :
- cover illustrated by Matsubara Hidenori
- silver pocket watch with the illustration of Belldansy
  (the pocket watch is a key item in the game)
- special original drama CD
- extra large dress up sticker
- 7 character PS2 memory card stickers
- 3 norn limited cards
- reservation bonus : desktop accessories

Limted Edition : 10290 yen; normal edition : 7140 yen

Cast : 
Keiichi - Kikuchi Masami
Belldandy - Inoue Kikuko
Urd - Touma Yumi
Skuld - Hisakawa Aya
Marller - Takano Urara
Peorth - Sakuma Rei
Lind - Itou Miki
Silver Watch Fairy - Tomizawa Michie
Hildr - Takashima Gara

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