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date Tue, 10 Jan 2006 01:22:18 +0900
Jenya <itsuki@otaku.ru> wrote:
| Hello, everyone.
| Ohisashiburi and Happy New Year ^_^


| I was going to write about it today in my Japanese diary.
| I'll have an event, and going to work in Moe Cafe too as maid, 3 times 
| at week. ^_^
| I'll post working schedule later, I think.

I went to Akiba yesterday and was given a flyer for
this maid cafe in Roppongi.  I was surprised.
I guess "moe" and "akiba kei" is really picking up
outside of Akihabara.

| So, if there is someone from this ML who can go and meet me - please, 
| don't hesistate ^_^
| I'll try to recall my English (somehow, I can't speak English lately - 
| speaking Japanese everyday).

I have no events planned (;_;) so I should be able to go.
I wonder if photos are allowed??

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