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date Fri, 25 Nov 2005 01:47:25 +0900
Event      Kyarara
Location   Hirose Musen Building 5F (Akihabara)
Date       2005.11.18
Time       17:00 - ??:?? 
Cost       free
Guests     Saaya
           many others

This was a small event, similar to Chara Fes, Dream Party and such,
featuring PC games.  But it took place in one floor of an office
building in Akihabara.  There were around 10 to 15 vendors with
tables promoting their games.
There was also a main stage where many of the vendors had around 10
to 15 minutes to talk about their games, and give away presents.

The first vendor to present their game was Giga.
Two cosplayers (one of them was Saaya) talked about the upcoming
game Koi Momo (goes on sale 11/25).
Their stage was around 30 minutes.

First they showed some videos (via projector from a computer screen).
They showed the OP of the game, and a short CM movie.
Then they talked about the game, and the special goods that comes
with the game if you reserve it in advance.
Then they announced that there would be a signing event
(by the artist of the game Yamino Kenji) on the day the game goes on sale.
At the end, there was a janken for some prizes (signed posters).

Since I wasn't interested in anything else,
I left right after the Koi Momo stage ended.

I used my 20D and 24-105 F4L IS lens,
and took 390 photos, with 167 of them worth keeping.
Since I didn't use flash, I had to use ISO1600.

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Hitoshi Doi
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