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date Sat, 05 Nov 2005 19:16:49 +0900
Event      Love Smile vol 4
Location   Harajuku Ruido
Date       2005.09.23
Time       11:30 - 14:30
Cost       3500 yen
Guests     Yanagi Mao
           Kahara Karin
           many others

This was a singing event by cosplayers, organized by Yanagi Mao.
There were 8 guests, so it was a pretty long event.
There were no seats, and it was an all standing event.

Each girl sang for around 12 or 13 minutes, and then there was a
one minute photo session on a side stage.
Photos during the singing stage wasn't allowed.

I went to see Saaya, and this was her 16th singing event.
There were over 30 people in the crowd.

Saaya was in her school girl look, wearing a white, long sleeve sweater
over a white shirt and ribbon, with her green skirt.
She also had white lace ribbons in her hair.

Saaaya sang "Catch Your Dreams!" (Sakakibara Yui),
"Kono Hana Saku Koro" (Sakakibara Yui), and "Kujibiki Unbalance" (Under17).
This was the first time that Saaya sang Sakakibara Yui songs at an event.

Hitoshi Doi
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