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Event      Live Grooving vol 23
Location   Nakano Geinou Shougekijou
Date       2005.08.20
Time       15:15 - 17:15
           18:30 - 21:30
Cost       3000 yen each
Guests     Kisaragi Marii
           Yanagi Mao
           Moe Tai
           many others

This was a special two part Live Grooving event.
The first one was an anime medley special event.
The second one was a normal singing event.

Kisaragi Marii was the emcee for both events, and there were around
50 people in the crowd.  The evening event had a little more than the
afternoon event.

I went to see Saaya, and this was her 13th and 14th singing events.

The anime medley event was broken up into three long medleys.
The first was a mecha song medley.  I only recognized a few songs,
such as Cyber Formula, Steel Angel Kurumi, Pat Labor, Nadesico.
Saaya sang "Believe" from Gundam Seed, and
"Good Bye Tears" from Haoutaikei Ryuu Night.

The second medley was a magical girl anime medley.
I recognized most of the songs.  There were songs from Creamy Mami,
Minky Momo, Fancy Lala, Rayearth, Card Captor Sakura, Magical Emi,
Mahou Tsukai Tai, Popotan, and others.
Saaya sang "Delicate ni Suki Shite" from Creamy Mami.

I didn't know what the theme of the final medley was, but I only recognized
about half of the songs.  Most of these songs seemed to come from pretty
recent anime (which I have never watched).
There were songs from Di Gi Charat, Sakura Taisen, Hand Maid May,
Love Hina, One Piece, Final Approach.
Saaya sang "Party Night" from Di Gi Charat, and
"Kimi Iro Palette" from Final Approach.

The final two songs were sung by everyone, "Scramble" (School Rumble)
and "Happy Material" (Negima).

As usual, photos (with flash) allowed.  Video recording not allowed.
Many of the girls cosplayed, and some even changed clothes for the songs.
But Saaya wore her street clothes, a frilly pink and white top and
brownish skirt.

Since Saaya didn't know many of the songs that she sang, she sang most
of them while looking at the lyrics (hidden in her hand).
She said that the organizers of the event had the songs already
picked out, and asked the girls which songs they knew.
But not all of the girls were able to sing the songs that they picked.

The second event was a normal singing event.
There were 15 groups who participated, and most of them only sang one song.

Saaya wore the summer school uniform from School Rumble,
that she borrowed from one of the Moe Tai girls, and sang two songs.
She sang "Sakuranbo" and "Sekai ha Pipo".

I used my 20D, and took 1677 photos with 884 of them worth keeping.

My photo counts per girl was as follows.

                     | 15:00 | 18:00 | total
 Saaya               |  400  |  348  |  748
 Moe Tai             |   53  |   22  |   75
 Sakurazawa Yuuna    |    0  |   60  |   60
 Kisaragi Marii      |   10  |   14  |   24
 Yanagi Mao          |    0  |   21  |   21
 Lili                |    0  |   10  |   10
 Nakase Kana         |    0  |    4  |    4

Pics in the usual place.
Hitoshi Doi
                         " this space for rent "
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