[seiyuu:25866] MSN on Apple

to seiyuu@ML.usagi.org
from Sebastien Jarry <jarry.sebastien@voila.fr>
subject [seiyuu:25866] MSN on Apple
date Thu, 26 May 2005 13:54:57 +0200 (CEST)
That's not a question about seiyuu, sorry.

My question is maybe stupid but, I wonder if it's possible to use MSN (Windows Messenger)
from an Apple's computer...  ?

To Hitoshi, Kuwagata-san don't know how to connect her Apple computer to Internet.
Can you help her ?  I gave to her your phone number and e-mail adress.

Sebastien Jarry
Amiens (France), the 2005/05/26

P.S : As Cuso4 said, I'll marry on 2006/09/30, with a woman called Kazuko Kuwagata
(and not Kuwakata, as I said to Cuso4, sorry).

I'll live in Japan from summer of 2006. At there, I could becoming a private french
teacher & working on a Gaijin Talent.  I'll make contact with a agency called "Inagawa
Motoko Jimusho".  Someone knows about this agency ?

To Stephen Lee  : The magazine SAIZO which there's an article about me is in the issue
of June ?

Faites un voeu et puis Voila ! www.voila.fr 

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