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subject [seiyuu:25865] [event] Moe Song Magic #3
date Mon, 23 May 2005 15:58:31 +0900
Event          moe song magic #3
Location       Live Inn Magic 
Date           2005.04.22
Time           19:00 - 21:30
Cost           3000 yen
Performers     Ichii Hiori
               Nomizu Iori
               Urabe Kei
               many others

This was a singing event by minor idols and cosplayers,
where they sing "moe" songs, usually held about once a month.
There were many performers, so each girl only sang two or three songs.
There were around 30 people in the crowd.

I went to watch Ichii Hiori, and this was her 22nd singing event.

The event flowed as follows.

 -  everyone (Catch You Catch Me)
 -  Chiaki
 -  Ichii Hiori (Platina)
 -  ?
 -  Urabe Kei
 -  Lili
 -  ? and ?
 -  [talk]
 -  Miyamoto Haru
 -  Lili
 -  ?
 -  Yumeno Chiaki
 -  Nomizu Iori
 -  Ichii Hiori and Chiaki (Lemon no Tokimeki)
 -  ?
 -  Urabe Kei
 -  Miyamoto Haru
 -  [talk]
 -  Chiaki
 -  Miyamoto Haru and Lili
 -  Yumeno Chiaki
 -  Ichii Hiori (LOVE.EXE)
 -  Nomizu Iori
 -  Urabe Kei and ?
 -  Urabe Kei and Lili and ?
 -  everyone (Touch)

For the opening, Hiori had her hair up and wore a Card Captor Sakura
school uniform.  I thought that she had cut her hair.
For "Platina", Hiori wore the white Card Captor Sakura dress from
the opening animation (that goes with Platina).  Her hair was still up.
For "Lemon no Tokimeki", Hiori wore the Sakura school uniform,
but also wore glasses.  She let her hair down for this.
For "LOVE.EXE", Hiori wore a black one piece with long black socks.
It didn't look like she was wearing anything underneath this one piece..
For the ending, Hiori wore a white shirt, navy vest, and checkered
skirt (a school girl look).

I brought my 20D and 70-200 F2.8L lens and took 1590 photos,
with 820 of them worth keeping.
My photo counts per girl was as follows.

 Ichii Hiori    |  587
 Nozimu Iori    |  229
 Lili           |   40
 Chiaki         |   14

Pics at photos.usagi.org/cos/20050422/
Hitoshi Doi
                         " this space for rent "
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