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> From: "Stephen Lee" <sl2001@myrealbox.com>
> http://www.ultracyzo.com/cyzo/contents/0506/index.html
> It is also mentioned that he sent a message to the editor/writer telling
> him/her that he is going to marry later this year, which a Japanese girl
> who is not the one he dated on his first date.

Not this year.  I was talking with Sebastien earlier this month
when the ML was down for a while, and I had his explicite 
permission to inform you that he will be getting married in 2006.

The lucky lady is a miss Kuwakata, an employee of a private 
detective agency in Japan.  Sabestien mentioned that Hitoshi 
had met her once.  He also mentioned that Itsuki-chan and 
Andrea knew his marriage plan already.

Sabestien will be moving to Tokyo in summer of 2006, living
together with Miss Kuwakata.  The wedding ceremony will be 
held at Yoyogi Koen at 2006/09/30, co-incidentally his 33rd 

'CuSO4' Yung
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