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> From: SakuyaMadoka@netscape.net (Sakuya Madoka)
>I receive this and would like to share it with you.I would 
>appreciate if someone can give details in English.Thank you in
>YOKOYAMA Chisa was hit by a man at the Tokyo metropolitan subway
>Daimon station on May 7. Injured slightly.


Summary : 

On 05/07, Chisa was going to a rehearsal session of the Recital Play
"Densha Otoko" near Daimon station.  

At around 13:30, at an escalator at platform 1 of the Toei Asakusa Line
Daimon Station, a man, age around 30-40, wearing a suit and stood one step
before Chisa, suddenly argue with Chisa.  

Chisa was then punched in her right eye.  She went to the station 
staff for help and the staff called 110.  She was send to the hospital
by police.  Her right eye were bruise and should be able to recover
in about a week.

The man in question escaped.

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