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Event       Layer's Rainbow
Location    Asagaya Drum
Date        2005.03.13
Time        12:30 - 14:45
Cost        3000 yen + drink
Guests      Ichii Hiori
            Kisaragi Marii
            Puchi Milk
            Ohtake Yuko (mc)

This is a monthly singing event by cosplayers (and minor seiyuu/idols).
It started in January 2005, and this was the third one.
There were only about 20 people in the crowd.

I went to watch Ichii Hiroi, and this was her 20th singing event.
Photos without flash allowed of everyone except the emcee, Ohtake Yuko.

The event flowed as follows.

 - Puchi Milk
 - Yuna
 - Ichii Hiori
 - Kisaragi Marii
 - nurse medley
 - group photo session

Hiori sang 4 solo songs during her stage,
and two songs during the nurse medley.
Her songs were:
Komugi Kibun de Rock'n Roll (こむぎ気分でロックンロール),
STEP, Extentions, Inori no Asa (祈りの朝),
Shooting Star (しゅーてぃん☆すたー),
and Ai no Medicine (愛のメディスン).

"Ai no Medicine" was a duet with Kisaragi Marii.
For her solo stage, Hiori wore her Under17 cosplay outfit.
For the nurse medley, she wore a pink nurse outfit with a
very short skirt.

Photos without flash allowed during the songs, but it was VERY dark,
around 1/200, F1.8, ISO 1600.
No audio or video recording allowed.
After each solo portion, there was a two minute photo session,
where photos with flash was allowed.
Photos of Ohtake Yuko not allowed.

I brought my 20D and two bright lenses (50mm F1.4 and 85mm F1.8).
I took 1043 photos with 408 of them worth keeping.
My photo breakdown per girl was as follows.

 Ichii Hiori         355
 Yuna                 24
 Kisaragi Marii        8
 group                 8

Photos at http://photos.usagi.org/cos/20050313/

Hitoshi Doi
                         " this space for rent "
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