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A.S : I wonder if everybody will believing those lines.... (^_^;;). Anyway, that's
not absolutely an April fool..... !

Well, I went finally at "Tokyo International Anime Fair 2005", at Tokyo Big Sight
on 2005/04/02. But I went pretty late. (I woke up at 12:00, take a shower, stopping
to lunching at Shinbashi..... finally I arrived at Tokyo Big Sight at around 16:00
it closed at 18:00). 

Immediately after entering inside the West Halls 1 & 2, I met a french friend of mine,
Pierre Giner (To Andrea : he said that he will writting to you very soon ; before,
he were terribly busy & had private problems, so he didn't wrote to anyone for a
long time), he said me there's Shin'ichirou Miki could be there, at Avex's stage,
because he saw him on the day at there. But, after Pierre leave out the festival,
I went to Avex stage, but it seems what Shin'ichirou Miki leave out too. I arrived
late (;_;).. Anyway, when I arrived at Avex stage, there's talk-show about the new
movie of Inuyasha. 2 Seiyuus were on the stage : Yamaguchi Kappei & Narita Ken.
Because I arrived at middle of the show, I don't know exactly how much times this
talk-show during.....

I leave out of the halls pretty late too, at around 18:20... There's at this moment
some announce for the "Anime Award Ceremony". I asked to a staff if it is the "Anime
Grand Prix". He said me yes. So I decided to going for watching it !!
At reception desk, staff member asked what from society I'm from. Of course, I said
"nothing", so they said me I should writting my name at the left reception. They're
taken my bagages, and I wrote my name at guest list. Then..... I entered.......

A giant ceremony room..!!!! with many circle tables, and a banquet. Staff member purpose
to me some drink, but except tea, others were whisky, champagne, wine, etc.... So,
I taken a tea, even I don't like very much (^_^;;;). When I taken this drink,
an old man said a long speech with a translation in English, because there's stranger
people. Almost everybody was on a business like costume.&#12288;I hadn't costume,
but I had correct clothes, except my warm coat....
After the speech of the old man, and an other speech from a major staff member of
Cartoon Network USA, the banquet started.
There's 2 kind of food, Japanese food and French food. I taken a plate, then taken
some various food. Between eating and walking on the same time with my plate, I started
to talking with a man. When I told him what I like Japanese voice actor/actress
very much, he told me he's Mr. Minamisawa Michiyoshi, the president of "81 Produce"
!!!!!! Then, he asked me to follw him because he would like to shoz me to someone
who's eating on one of various circle table very close to the stage.

At there, Nogami Yukana was here. She's eating at this time. Mr Minamisawa told about
me to her and then, I started to talk with her. Then, I continue to lunching with
her together. 2 minutes later, Nozomu Sasaki came in our direction !!!!!
Mr Minamisawa talked to him and told about me to him (^_^). So, without my plate,
I started to talked for a while with Sasaki-san (^o^). He asked me what I would like
to do in the in a close future.... After finishing to talked with him (he was
calling for going on the stage) it's Rei Sakuma who's came on our direction !!!! As
usual, Mr Minamisawa talked to her and told about me to her, and after I talked for
a while with Sakuma-san. But our discussion did interrupt, because the very famous

singer Isao Sasaki started to singing 3 songs as an extra. He sung "Mazinger Z" and
"Uchuu Senkan Yamato" (I don't know the 3rd song). Between this mini-concert, Sakuma
Rei was very happy and exciting because she could see one of her "own" idol. It
was very strange for me to see that, one of the very famous seiyuus who's enjoying
so much like an otaku..... Great experience....

After the mini-concert, Isao Sasaki gone. I re-started my conversation with her ;
we talked about Isao Sasaki, and I told to her about broadcasting of Grendizer in
Many times later, SAsaki Nozomu came back into us. Taken a picture of him and me together.
Same thing for Sakuma Rei and Yukana Nogami (this last were with us between the mini-concert).
Then, the dessert time came. Mr Minamisawa came to us with many
"Choco-banana" (a banana with a chocolat-coating), but Yukana Nogami refused it ;
she don't like banana at all (^_^;;). On the same time, Mr Minamisawa purpose to drinking
for making a "Kanpai". 2 others man (one of them was Mr Mitsuru Kaneko, older
director of the anime version of "Belle & Sebastien" - Meikei Jolly -, and president
of this festival) came to us. A Kogaru like woman came also to us : she's Suzuka Yoshida,
character designer for Tatsunoko production and daugthter of the creator of
"Gatchaman". I talked with him for a while, he talked to me about Jean Chalopin, a
very famous French director about animation, because he worked with him about "Mysterious
Cities Of Gold" and "Ulysse 31"
So, Mitsuru Kaneko, the other man who's with him, Mr Minamisawa, Yoshida Suzuka, Sasaki
Nozomu, Sakuma Rei, Yukana Nogami and made a toast !! KAMPAI !!!!!! (Of course, I
didn't drunk alcool ; I taken an Orange juice ^_^;;)

After That, Sasaki Nozomu and Sakuma Rei started to leave out. I say good-bye to them.
At this moment, many people started to leave out too. Yukana Nogami stayed with me
but two other woman came to us, she are the partners of Yukana Nogami into the
anime "Pretty Cure". Yukana talked about me to those woman... After a while, a man
started to make a speech on the stage. Mr Minamisawa asked to "Pretty Cure" 's seiyuus
- including Nogami - and to ME (O_O ;;;) to coming into the stage and, behind the

man who's being talking, to calping on our hands synchronisity. 
We made it !!! After, each seiyuus of Pretty Cure made a very short speech. When the
last finishished, the man told tto audience I'm from France, and asked to me to making
a speech (O_O;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;)

So, I said that only in Japanese : "Everybody, first, my Japanese skills is weak yet,
so please, forgive me if I say something wrong. Well, everybody, nice to meet you.
I'm Sebastien Jarry, and I came from France. I'm very happy to be with you.
Yoroshiku onegai ita shimasu". Everybody behind me and audience applaused to me.

Time of the ending of this party came. I re-took picture of "Pretty Cure" 's seiyuus
with my camera and my mobile phone's camera. I took a new picture of Yukana Nogami
alone with my mobile phone's camera.Then, after saying good-bye and thanking to
Yukana Nogami and especially to Mr Minamisawa, with I'll keep contact, I leave out
of the cerermony room with Suzuka Yoshida, who's leave out on the same time than me.
We talked and laugthed together until the Yurikamome station.

THE END (laughs)

Sebastien Jarry
Tokyo (Japan), the 2005/04/06

P.S : Now, everybody believe that ? (^_^)

P.S2 : I received a message from King Records who's telling me I didn't won for going
to Hayashibara's event (;_;).
Never mind, I'll going to Shiina Hekiru's concert at Shibuya AX......

Faites un voeu et puis Voila ! www.voila.fr 

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