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subject Re: CC CD
date Fri, 30 Jan 2004 13:38:46 +0900
Joe wrote:
| On 26 Jan 2004, at 22:47, Hitoshi Doi wrote:
| >
| > I haven't bought many "real" CDs in a long time, so I didn't know
| > how widespread the CC CDs were (CCCD = Copy Control CDs).
| It's becoming more widespread, though Japan seems to be leading the 
| pack with it.

I think this would turn more people toward piracy..

| > The CD states (on the jacket) that it won't play on Macs,
| This isn't exactly true, because you can get them to play if you trick 
| the system. There are a couple ways I've heard of:
| 1. Use a permanent black marker to CAREFULLY mark out the "garbage" 
| track near the outer edge of the CD. Doing this will cause the laser to 
| not "see" the garbage, and it will then play just like any other CD.
| 2. Use electrical tape to block it out while reading it, and then 
| remove it when done.

Well, if you have to go to that extreme, I think it's almost
the same as saying that it won't play.
I use linux, and got the following results.

 plextor CDR drive = can see tracks, but can't read them
 ricoh CDR drive = can't see tracks, disc spins forever
 pioneer DVDR drive = no problem (^_^;

I hear from friends that it also works on panasonic DVDRAM drives.
Maybe from now on we have to be careful about choosing the drives.

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