from Timothy Yeh <>
subject Re: CC CD
date Mon, 26 Jan 2004 23:42:27 -0800
I believe it's more widespread in Japan (especially with Avex and I 
believe Toshiba, as well as some Sony CDs, especially singles, but 
not limited to them), but it is a problem worldwide. has some info on the issue worldwide.

FWIW, I typically don't have problems with most of the copy protected 
CDs I run into, but then again, I typically do my playing/ripping on 
my Mac (ie, not the most typical situation).

>Not "Card Captor" (^_^;
>I haven't bought many "real" CDs in a long time, so I didn't know
>how widespread the CC CDs were (CCCD = Copy Control CDs).
>The most recent CD that I bought "Ryo-ko Sensei no Shinryoushitsu",
>a drama CD by Inoue Kikuko and Nagai Noa, is one of these CCCDs.
>I stuck it in my plextor CD drive, and it could see the tracks,
>but it couldn't get any of the data!
>Luckily I was able to read the tracks in my pioneer DVDR drive
>(on a Linux machine).
>The CD states (on the jacket) that it won't play on Macs,
>game machines, some Windows machines, and some DVD players.
>I went to the rental CD store and I saw that many of the
>"normal" jpop CDs were CCCDs!
>Is this widespread around the world?  Or just Japan?
>Nagasawa Nao's CD doesn't seem to be a CCCD, but they don't
>have it at the rental place.  Maybe I'll have to buy it to get the DVD..
>(I'm not sure if the DVD has the full length promo video.)
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