Re: Juubei-chan 2

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from richie <>
subject Re: Juubei-chan 2
date Mon, 26 Jan 2004 21:08:21 +0100
Monday, January 26, 2004, 8:34:33 PM, Kishiji Bando wrote:

>> Who is Nagasawa Nao?  VERY cute!
>> Ogura Yuko's debut single.  Yuko is VERY cute too.

> I agree, both girls are extremely cute. *^_^*

CM with Nao is absolutely brainwashing (in its positive way ^_^;;)
If someone got full clip with this song, please don't forget to
put it somewhere and let us know about it :>

> Yuko's outfit looks good on her, I wonder if she's cosplaying
> as some character or if it is an original costume...

> The song Nao sings is the opening song for Divergence Eve 2
> (the second DEve season, also called "Misaki Chronicle").

Hmmm... in that case gonna see it.. haven't seen first DE series
though - oh well :)

- ... omoikane?
- Ha-chan, kyara chigatteru shi! 
Honjitsu no jikken... daishippai.

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