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subject Juubei-chan 2
date Mon, 26 Jan 2004 01:52:38 +0900
I don't remember Horie Yui doing the voice of Juubei-chan
in the first series, but she's doing the voice in the
second Juubei-chan series.  She also sings the ED.

Juubei-chan 2
 Nanohana Jiyuu         :: Horie Yui
 Nanohana Sai           :: Fujiwara Keiji
 Furiija                :: Nakayama Arisa

There are also many new characters, and some of the old ones too.

I missed episodes 1 and 2.  Just watched 3.
Looks good.  I'll try to keep watching this.

But the best parts were the commercials (^_^;


Who is Nagasawa Nao?  VERY cute!
Hayashibara's CM is also there.
Drops (Kouda Mariko in a cheerleader's outfit)
Ogura Yuko's debut single.  Yuko is VERY cute too.
Also a CM for Horie Yui's Juubei-chan CD.

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