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subject [DVD] Joining Seri Ayano
date Thu, 08 Jan 2004 18:16:53 +0900
This isn't really a seiyuu DVD, but Ayano is one of
my favorite girls so.. (^_^;

キミの歌, 見果てぬ夢を追いかけて
Kimino Uta, Mihatenu Yume wo Oikakete
3800 yen
on sale 2003.10.31

The contents are as follows.

 - モノローグ (monologue) 1
 - 制服 (seifuku) 1
 - 水着 (mizugi) 1
 - モノローグ (monologue) 2
 - インタビュー (interview) 1
 - 制服 (seifuku) 2
 - 水着 (mizugi) 2
 - モノローグ (monologue) 3
 - 公園 (park)
 - 水着 (mizugi) 3
 - インタビュー (interview) 2
 - 花火 (hanabi)
 - モノローグ (monologue) 4
 - メイキング (making)

The video portion in the monologue videos is monochrome.
The narration in the monologue videos is by Miyano Shizu.

In seifuku 1 and 2, Ayano is wearing a white shirt, red ribbon,
a checkered mini skirt, and loose socks.

In swimsuit 1, Ayano is wearing a striped, white bikini, at the ocean,
and a yellow bikini in a jaccuzi.

In the interview videos, Ayano is wearing a colorful, flower design top.
She is sitting in a chair.

In swimsuit 2, Ayano is wearing a white and pink bikini in a grassy park.

In park, Ayano is wearing a white top and a denim mini skirt.
She is playing in a fancy jungle gym set in a city park.

In swimsuit 3, Ayano is wearing the same white and pink bikini as in
swimsuit 2, and is playing frisbee in the park.

In hanabi, Ayano is wearing a white (or light blue) yukata,
and playing with fireworks (at night).

The making video shows Ayano in the dressing room and other
behind the scenes shots.  Asami Rie was her makeup artist.


Many of the clothes (and yukata) that Ayano wore in this video are
the same as those she wore at the Joining events between July and
November 2003.  She hadn't appeared at an event since the DVD event
on November 9.. (;_;)

Hitoshi Doi
                           " this space for rent "
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