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Hello again!!

Just coming back from college and a really hot day in that damned city,
Santiago de Chile. u_uU  I'm soooo tired!!

Anyway... There're some interesting things to reply so...

- DL: A-chan, while we're still on the topic of Miki Shinichirou, you
may also want to check out 'Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito' in which
a character Miki plays appears in episode 4. Be warned though, it is a
hentai game to anime conversion so there are some strange things going
on in there. ^^;;

- Andrea: Really?? Wow!! I'll look for it too!! I don't care if it is
hentai, yaoi, shounen ai, shoujo, shounen or any other genre. If it has
Miki-sama's roles in it, i'll try and look for it. In fact, i'm looking
for two hentai series where, supposedly, Miki-sama appears. One is
"First Loves", a two OVAs series - as far as i know, anyway - and "La
Blue Girl" or something like that. I have been able to download, with a
LOT of effort, the first OVA of "First Loves", but the second one is
still running away from me as well as "La Blue Girl". So, any info
related to this two series will be really appreciated. ^^

And, of course, i really appreciate any info related to anything where
Miki-sama has any roles. As i said, i don't care its genre. ^_^   For
Miki-sama i'm able to take even yaoi so... Hentai is not big deal. ^_^

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for this info, of course. ^^

Bye bye! ^^
Andrea Clunes [Shin-ichirou Miki's girlfriend in her dreams and in her
virtual world... *^^*]. ^_~

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