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> From: "Andrea Clunes V. [Shin-ichirou Miki no koibito]"
> By the way, and taking advantage of the space left in this message, what
> is, exactly, 2ch? I remember Sebastien-sama had his BBS there but apart
> from that i don't know what it is (or, if i knew it sometime ago, i
> completely forgot about it! ^^U). Thanks, in advance, for the answer.

2ch, that is, 2 channel, is a public BBS.  They have sections
for manga, anime, seiyuu, etc.  At any time, there are several
dozens board/forum related to seiyuu.  Some are for a certain
seiyuu, and some are against a certain seiyuu.

Info given on such board/forum are not necessary correct, and
lots of rumours are floating around in 2-ch.

They did have a board/forum for international seiyuu fans,
and Sebastien's TV appearance can also be download from
the pointers there.

'CuSO4' Yung,,,

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