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Woooooow... ^^U  I supposed something like that but i wasn't sure. ^^U
Thanks for the info, CuSO4-sama! ^^

By the way, and taking advantage of the space left in this message, what
is, exactly, 2ch? I remember Sebastien-sama had his BBS there but apart
from that i don't know what it is (or, if i knew it sometime ago, i
completely forgot about it! ^^U). Thanks, in advance, for the answer.

And, of course, thank you again for the info, ne! ^^

Mata ne!
Andrea Clunes [Shin-ichirou Miki's girlfriend in her dreams and in her
virtual world... *^^*]. ^_~

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> Sources:
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> - seiyuu/anime/games fans web site / ML / BBS
> - 2ch
> - etc.
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