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> From: 'CuSO4' Yung <>
Date: 14-Nov-2003 02:28
Subject: [Mook] Voix

> Found a new seiyuu mook called Voix.
> Seiyuu Artist Special Mook "Voix", published by 
> Shufu-to-Seikatsu-sha, 2003.11.1, 1200 yen, 
> ISBN4-391-61748-X
> This mook has female seiyuu's photos, interviews, 
> discography, and music scores of songs sung by them.
> The female seiyuus are:
> Hayashibara Megumi
> Horie Yui
> Mizuki Nana
> Tamura Yukari
> Kawasumi Ayako
> Inoue Kikuko
> Iitsuka Mayumi
> Orikasa Fumiko
> Minagawa Junko
> If you like songs sung by the above seiyuu, you would 
> be interested in all those music scores......

I bought it, and what I found most interesting though was the interviews.  

If I'm not mistaken the mook was written by the people that usually does
"Uta-bon", which normally does the same thing as described above (discography,
interview, scores etc) with normal J-pop artists, so this mook's interviewer
does the interviews from the POV of interviewing the seiyuu more as a singer
rather than a seiyuu.  I thought it is very interesting to read about how each
of the seiyuu feel towards singing and them talking about it, it's got a bit
more depth on their thoughts on singing in general than say in other magazines
like SGP and hm3 which usually just talk about their thoughts on particular
songs in their albums.  It is especially interesting when you compare the
older, established ones like Megu, Onee-chan, and Iizuka Mayumi to the newer,
current popular ones like Mizuki Nana, Horie Yui and Tamura Yukari.  


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