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subject [event] Joining DVD event (11/9)
date Mon, 10 Nov 2003 21:04:39 +0900
Event       Joining DVD event
Location    Yamagiwa Soft (Akihabara)
Date        2003.11.09
Time        15:00 - 16:00
Cost        3990 yen (cost of DVD)
Guests      Miyano Shizu
            Seri Ayano

This was a song and talk and photo session event for those who bought
either the Joining DVD by Miyano Shizu or Seri Ayano (3900 yen each).
Those who bought both were able to get their picture taken with both
of the girls.

I just bought Ayano's DVD.
(I'll post some info about Ayano's DVD later.)

The event flowed as follows.

 - two songs by Seri Ayano
 - three songs by Miyano Shizu
 - talk by Shizu and Ayano
 - janken for presents
 - Shizu and Ayano photo session
 - handshake session

Photos were allowed during the entire event. (flash OK)
Video, audio recording wasn't.

I took 396 pictures with my 10D, with 273 of them worth keeping.

My photo breakdown per girl was as follows.

 Seri Ayano        226
 Miyano Shizu       63

Pics in the usual place.

Oh, Seri Ayano is an idol, and not a seiyuu.
But she's now my second favorite 3-dimensional girl. (^_^)
Hitoshi Doi (LaLaLu FC #49, Cutie Pai FC #2)
                           " this space for rent "
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