Re: _AnimagiC,_the_end_of_1st_day

from Hitoshi Doi <>
subject Re: _AnimagiC,_the_end_of_1st_day
date Sat, 26 Jul 2003 23:05:40 +0900
Sebastien wrote:
| By the way, I couldn't watching the Cutie Pai'live of tomorrow : the show 
| will start at 16:00, and I have to get the train for Koeln at 16:12  (;_;), 
| because at Koeln, I will arrive 6 minutes before the THALYS for Paris, and it
| will be the last of the day.

Well, you can come to Japan to watch them again. (^_^;
When is your next trip?

Oh, you might not remember them, but you did see Makky and Mayu-chan
at the Kira Melo final live (2001.03.25).
I know I don't remember them.. (^_^;;
Hitoshi Doi (Cutie Pai FC #2)                          

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