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date Sat, 26 Jul 2003 12:47:58 +0200
The 2003/07/26, Hitoshi Doi wrote :

> Sebastien wrote:
> | 
> | After the end of this mini talk-show, at around 20h55, the Cutie Pai done 
> | Mini Concert !!!  She sangs 7 songs.
> Did you take a video of it?
> What outfit did they wear?

Yes. I took 2 mn when she appered with all guests, but not speaking. At this 
time, she weared kimono. I took pictures when she's introduce themselves.

At mini-live, she weared wrapped doll costume.
I took pictures between the song 1 to 4 and the debut of 5.  (Beween the song 
2, lights were very dark, it's was very difficult to shot them [and I was 
sitting on the fourth line])
If I have enough battery, I could taking pictures when she will singing 
"Reflection Love" and "Yell", at mini-live of this afternoon  (now, time is 

> | Hitoshi, one of your friend, a Japanese fan of Cutie Pai were here. But I 
> | don't know his name yet.  I talked with him for 10 minutes around, in 
> | Japanese.
> Really!  I didn't think anyone would go..
> Can you describe him?  Young/old?  Tall/short?  Skinny/fat?

It's difficult to estimate his age. No young, no old. A little fat, but I saw 
that one of his eyes is strange. Today, I didn't see him yet  (yesterday, he 
told me that he will stay until the end).

By the way, I couldn't watching the Cutie Pai'live of tomorrow : the show 
will start at 16:00, and I have to get the train for Koeln at 16:12  (;_;), 
because at Koeln, I will arrive 6 minutes before the THALYS for Paris, and it 
will be the last of the day.

Sebastien Jarry
Koblenz  (Germany), the 2003/07/26

Faites un voeu et puis Voila ! 

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