AnimagiC, the end of 1st day

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subject AnimagiC, the end of 1st day
date Sat, 26 Jul 2003 11:06:50 +0200

At 20:30, the Cutie Pai appeared with all others guests (Rintarou, Satoshi 
Urushihara, Masao Maruyama, etc...) for an introduce of all of them. Each 
guests said a little comment about the welcoming from Germans fans, who are 
Many people said to me that they`re don't know Cutie Pai.  When Makki and 
Cutie introduce themselves, everybody laughed, before her voices are so high, 
but she received somes greats applause.
For translating all japanese comments, there`s a japanese woman, with a 
kimono, Chihiro Maruyama. This woman spent all of her youngness in Germany, 
so she bilangual Germany / Japanese.  It seems that this woman is famous in 

After the end of this mini talk-show, at around 20h55, the Cutie Pai done a 
Mini Concert !!!  She sangs 7 songs.
I don`t know all Cutie Pai's songs, but one of them is "Tokyo Refrain",  and 
a song where she's say very often "Kimi Ga Suki". She performed Reflection 
Love" and "Yell" for last songs.
It seems what Germans did like very much all songs ; the intensity of 
applause were very incredible !!!!  More better than Amano Megumi at 
After the show, a sign and CD sending session started. And it was incredible 
: they was 4 lines of 20m of queue, for buying Cutie Pai's CD and received a 
sign, on their CD on a special photo of Makki or Makyu ; the format is a 
little more large than A4 format.
I prefered to pass at last for see her. And, I gave pictures that Hitoshi 
made specially to Cutie Pai for this event. I started to introduce myself, 
but Makki continue, and said to Mayu what I'm the Doi-sama's friend (^_^,). 
She were very glad and happy when I gave to her Hitoshi's pictures.
After finished to talk with her, I go back, but I forgot my camera on the 
table of Makki's photos. I searched for that, and at the moent when I 
remembered where I let it that Makki-chan discovered it. I runned one more 
again to the table. When Makki saw that this camera is my own, she laughs a 
lot  (she know about the photos madded in Koeln what I losed (^_^;;;;
e shot of two members.

Hitoshi, one of your friend, a Japanese fan of Cutie Pai were here. But I 
don't know his name yet.  I talked with him for 10 minutes around, in 

> | Then, I saw what I LOSED PICTURES of Hitoshi that I made in Koeln. I quit 
> | Makki-chan, and keep out from the hall, and searching for an another 
> | laboratory. Found it quickly. I had new ones in 5 minutes for 0,58 Euros.
> I don't know how one can lose pictures that easily.. (^_^;;
In fact, I had my video camera on one hand, and picutres on the other. I 
taken pictures with my video-camera of the large hall, with all stand, and 
after finished it, continue to walk, but forgot to take back on a 
balustrade....  I met Makki-chan 5 minutes later, but it was too late....  

> | Makky-chan speak a little English.
> I wish I can hear her English. (^_^;

Her english is very basically.....

Sebastien Jarry
Koblenz  (Germany), the 2003/07/26

Faites un voeu et puis Voila ! 

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