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from Hitoshi Doi <>
subject Re: _Animagic_2003_program
date Fri, 25 Jul 2003 23:40:45 +0900
Sebastien wrote:
| Well, I arrived at Koblenz since 2h30 ago around. 
| Now, it's 15:30. As Hitoshi said, Cutie Pai will not appear before 21:00  
| (04:00 in Tokyo).

Too bad I can't stay up for that. (^_^;

| I translated into French the information page, and it seems that badges for 
| Friday & Saturday were sold out. But I`ve got a 3 days pass, for 60 Euros 
| (>_<), very expensive.

I'm glad you were able to get the pass.
If you couldn't then it would be a very sad and wasted trip.

| Inside the hall, there around 20 computer connected to Internet. I use one of
| them for writting this message.

That's good.

| Hitoshi, the machine for creating photos in Paris`train station were out of 
| service. However, between my 1 hour stop over in Koeln, I founded a photo 
| laboratory who create your photos that I saved on my floppy disk, the two 
| pictures for 0,80 Euros. (^_^).

Thank you.

| I`ve got my grand-father`s video camera and bought a camera. It`s sure that 
| photos and video pics will be allow.

I can't read German, but it looks like Cutie Pai will do
just one stage each day.  But it doesn't list anything else.
I wonder if they will do signing sessions or CD sales sessions
or other things..

| P.S. : I don`t know speak German, but everybody speak English.

Except Cutie Pai (^_^;
Hitoshi Doi (LaLaLu FC #49, Cutie Pai FC #2, Itou Asuka FC #4)                          

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