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subject Re: last week's pics
date Wed, 16 Jul 2003 10:03:12 +0200
The 2003/07/16, Mackerel wrote :

> I think those pics are the first time I saw (well, remember seeing) 
> Mayu-chan out of costume. She looks totally different without the 
> light short hair and glasses, if you showed me those pictures 
> seperately I would never have thought they were the same person...
> Hitoshi, is there any chance of you taking a few more pictures of 
> Mayu-chan in future? ^_^; When I first saw her, I didn't like her 
> as I thought she looked too weird. But now I find that look to be 
> very cute. Maybe I should get you another video camera, or would we 
> end up getting Makki in stereo-vision? ^_^
> > I won't be able to go to Germany next weekend..

Really too bad  (;_;).  So,  I'll going alone.  Because I'm sure that video 
pictures will be allow, I'll take my grand-father's video camera...

> I really wondered if I should go... I haven't been to an event 
> since Yokoyama Chisa came to London over 5 years ago. Then again, I 
> just spent a load of money on a new toy which I should be getting 
> in the next day or two...

Where do you live ? UK ?
Anyway, I didn't know that Yokoyama Chisa came to London...


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