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from Hitoshi Doi <>
subject last week's pics
date Tue, 15 Jul 2003 19:51:27 +0900
I don't have time to write the event reports yet, but I put up
the pictures I took last week.
The events I went to were:

  7/10 Shintani Sayaka's Iki Nuki Night Party (pics not allowed)
  7/11 Come On A Shinzunchi (pics allowed only at the end)
  7/12 Cutie Pai CD campaign at Yamagiwa Nagoya (anything allowed)
  7/12 Cutie Pai in Band Live Mujica Nagoya (anything allowed)

This was my first event in Nagoya since 1997. (^_^;
The funny thing is that I got home on 7/12 earlier than
7/10 or 7/11 even though those two events were in Tokyo.
I got home on 7/10 at 25:00, 7/11 at 25:30, and 7/12 at 24:30. (^_^;;

I'm at 49 events for the year now.
My 10D counter is almost at 8500 (^_^;

I don't have any events until 7/21. (;_;)
Upcoming event schedule is as follows.

  7/21 Cutie Pai CD campaign in Yamagiwa Soft Akihabara
  7/21 Cutie Pai in Side B Digital in Live Gate Tokyo (Yotsuya)
  7/23 Joining in Roppongi
  7/27 Hobby Expo in Big Sight
  8/01 Cutie Pai in Live de Monjania in Live Gate Tokyo
  8/07 Iki Nuki Night Party in Ochanomizu

I won't be able to go to Germany next weekend..

Hitoshi Doi (LaLaLu FC #49, Cutie Pai FC #2, Itou Asuka FC #4)
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