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subject Re: _Cutie_Pai_in_Germany!
date Thu, 3 Jul 2003 10:48:44 +0200
> That sounds like a good idea, but I'm not sure I can go to France.
> I will check out planes and such from here..  Also need to check
> my work schedule.
> To make this work, I think I will have to leave 7/23, (arrive
> in Paris 7/24).  Leave from Paris on 7/28 (arrive in Tokyo 7/29).
> That means I need to take one week off.  Also 7/21 is a national
> holiday in Japan.  So that only gives me 7/22 as a work day..

Not at all. If you leave from Tokyo on 07/23 from noon or early, you will 
arrive on Paris on the same day ! (around 20h~21h or early), but from Paris 
to Tokyo, you're correct.
I phoned to "Voyageurs au Japon", the travel agency in Paris which I go each 
time that I want to buy a plane ticket for Tokyo. Yes : they can make plane 
ticket for Japanese people who leave from Tokyo, but for them, they can have 
a choice of 3 company only ; the more expensive (Japan Airlines, ANA and Air 
France). There's an agency in Tokyo who have link with "Voyageurs au Japon" : 
"France Carrefour" [(03) 3505 5321)]. But I assumed it will be expensive 
(around 180 000 Yens for a round trip)
So, I suggest you to find an agency who purpose cheap price. It must exist... 

> Oh, thanks for the phone call (a few hours ago).
> I was surprised to get an international phone call on my PHS.
> I was watching a soccer game at Tokyo Stadium, and you
> called right when the first half ended. (^_^;

Oh ! (O_O) You like football ?! Since "LaLalu" is ended and, except "Cutie 
Pai", there's not many events, you go to football stadium...  Do you like 
football because the Japan national team perfromance (since the last World 
Cup) ?

When I called you, I was on the streets of Amiens. 3 minutes after finished 
to call you, I met my father. I explain to him about my Germany's travel, 
about the rent car : He could be ready to loan me one of his 2 cars !!! But 
before, he must told that to my mother...
I had information for renting a car : it's 110 Euros for the week-end. With 
that, I'll have 750km. After that , it will cost 
 deposit coins...  by credit card ONLY.   ...and I don't have that...  Must 
looking an other agency... (;_;)

> It seems's network is down.
> Since that network is not very reliable, my "main" server
> is  Please use that as my web site.
> Order is 1., 2., 3.,
> 4

Exactly, I just used the, and it's perfect. I must changed the 
link's adress to your Website on my homepage...

Tomorrow, I'll go to Paris for a major convention : Japan Expo 2003 
(  Website in French only.

Sebastien Jarry
Amiens (France), the 2003/07/03

Faites un voeu et puis Voila ! 

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