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subject Re: _Cutie_Pai_in_Germany!
date Thu, 03 Jul 2003 00:57:38 +0900
Sebastien wrote:
| I think trains will be too long and expensive. From Paris, we must reached 
| until Koln, and at there take an other train until Koblenz. So, for that 
| reason, I think for renting a car. If you are decided to going at there, Yung
| & Hitoshi, this is my idea : go to Paris. At Paris, take a train for Amiens 
| (one way ticket is around 16 Euros (1 Euro = 137 Yens)), and we'll going 
| together at Koblenz with the car that I'll rent. I'll call to the special 
| travel agency for Japan / France, for founding the more cheaper plane ticket 
| (I assume the more cheaper is "Aeroflot" (480 Euros for go / back, taxes not 
| included).

That sounds like a good idea, but I'm not sure I can go to France.
I will check out planes and such from here..  Also need to check
my work schedule.

To make this work, I think I will have to leave 7/23, (arrive
in Paris 7/24).  Leave from Paris on 7/28 (arrive in Tokyo 7/29).
That means I need to take one week off.  Also 7/21 is a national
holiday in Japan.  So that only gives me 7/22 as a work day..

Oh, thanks for the phone call (a few hours ago).
I was surprised to get an international phone call on my PHS.
I was watching a soccer game at Tokyo Stadium, and you
called right when the first half ended. (^_^;

It seems's network is down.
Since that network is not very reliable, my "main" server
is  Please use that as my web site.
Order is 1., 2., 3.,

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