Re: Cutie Pai in Germany!

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from "Sebastien Jarry" <>
subject Re: Cutie Pai in Germany!
date Tue, 1 Jul 2003 10:41:18 +0200
The 2003/06/28, Hitoshi Doi wrote:

> > They just announced on the Cutie Pai home page that they
> > will appear at an event in Germany on 7/25 to 7/27!
> > Some event called Animagic.
> > Anyone know anything about this event?
> I guess it's this one:
> Can't see mention of them on that page though.
> > I wonder how much it costs to go to Germany.. (^^;

Wow ! I searched on a map where is the town of Koblenz  :  It's not far from 
Amiens : just around 320km !!!! (bird fly)
Even I don't know to read German, I visit this page, and now I can tell you 
that I have a plan for going at there !!! Not only for Cutie Pie.

Hitoshi, If you want to going at there, the airport the more close of Koblenz 
is the airport of Bonn (ex-capitale of West Germany) ; Bonn is at 30km around 
from Koblenz : this point of Germany is very close from Belgium and 
Luxembourg frontier (around 60km). It will be great if we can meet us at 
there !!

Sebastien Jarry
Amiens (France), the 2003/07/01

Faites un voeu et puis Voila ! 

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