Re: Tanaka Mayumi at Anime Expo NY

subject Re: Tanaka Mayumi at Anime Expo NY
date Tue, 25 Jun 2002 22:14:51 EDT

Juju wrote:
| I'll be there.. I can take some pictures if they let. It all depend, since 
| been eto.. screwy w/pictures *pout*

It's the fault of the seiyuu's productions.

I know.. but sometime convention can negotiate something w/them. Since it's 
their first trip to US, and US fans will have a fits if no pictures. I 
understand if you can't post it to web and such yeah.. but for personal used 
I think it's ok.

Like at Otakon at Midorikawa-san panel. You can video tape, and take pic but 
can not post any of it on the web and other publication unless authorized by 
his manager.

Juju--treasure her video tape very much. Too bad my pic didin't turn out good 

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