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from Hitoshi Doi <>
subject Re: event week!
date Wed, 12 Jun 2002 13:14:35 +0900
Itsuki wrote:
| > From: "Hitoshi Doi" <>
| > Good luck with the CD.  Will it go on sale in Japan or Russia? (^_^;
| Thank you ^_^
| In Japan. I suppose, it'll be on sale on Summer Comiket. ^^

At Comic Market?  I wonder if this is a "doujin" CD, or a real CD..
Oh, what will be your "stage name"?
Will the CD be released under your real name or Itsuki?

| [Mieko-chan]
| I can't read Japanese well.. what did she say?
| Does she sick so bad? >__<

They don't say what was wrong with her..
But she is recovering, and has almost fully recovered.
But if Mieko returns as an idol she will try very hard again,
and that might make her sickness come back.  So they decided
that it is best to retire.

| I think, I'll have welcome party.. but, anyway, I'd like to meet with you
| too.
| There will be karaoke party, 7/7 (that's my last day there).
| Or, may be, we can meet in one of my 'free' days :)

I hope they give you a "free" day.
At least the afternoon/evening of 7/3.

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