Re: event week!

from "Sebastien Jarry" <>
subject Re: event week!
date Tue, 11 Jun 2002 14:33:56 +0200
Welcome back to here, Itsuki-chan ! (^_^)

The 2002/06/10, Akiba Itsuki wrote

> aaa, I haven't written here for a while... 
> well, I'm coming to Japan to record my debut single ^_^;
> I'll be there in July, 1-8 :)

I present you all my best wishes for this wonderful "adventure" you'll live. 
And I think you will totally enjoying your 1st trip in Japan, great !!!

BTW, not sad after the defeat of Russia by Japan at World Cup ? (^_-)

Sebastien Jarry
Amiens (France), the 2002/06/11

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