Re: event week!

from Henri Chen <>
subject Re: event week!
date Mon, 10 Jun 2002 20:32:36 -0400
Akiba Itsuki wrote:
> aaa, I haven't written here for a while...
> well, I'm coming to Japan to record my debut single ^_^;
> I'll be there in July, 1-8 :)

Am I behind in the news?  I hadn't heard your influence had gone so far
already!  What company are you working for?  Who, how, when--ack, too
many questions, just bring me up to date on what happened! :) And good
luck!  I hope it sells well!
Live long and prosper.

							Henri Chen

P.S. An Armenian friend of mine and I listened to some of your MP3s
months ago, and he was blown away by how accurate your Japanese
pronunciation was (and also by how well you sang).  Sugoi desu neeee!

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