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date Mon, 10 Jun 2002 14:50:40 +0700
aaa, I haven't written here for a while... 
well, I'm coming to Japan to record my debut single ^_^;
I'll be there in July, 1-8 :)

> From: "Hitoshi Doi" <>

> My friends and I got tickets 1 to 7.
> I got a ticket for Itsuki-chan too. (^_^;

Aaa, sugoi!! ^__^
thank you very much! ^_^

I just hope I could run from my photo session to make it in time ^_^;
> The guests for the 7/3 Idol Style are: LaLaLu (probably everyone),
> Cutie Pai, Amano Megumi, Miracle Twin Star, Tanaka Hiromi, and Passhu.
> | If they allow pictures tonight, I'll take pics of the new Cutie Pai.

LaLaLu *__*
aa, Hina-samaa ^__^
> Took pics (and video) of the new Cutie Pai.
> mostly Makio (^_^;

hmm... I don't like Momose... she doesn't fit 'Cutie Pai' style ^^;
well, there's another reason also though... :)


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