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subject [event] Idol Style 2002.06.05
date Fri, 07 Jun 2002 14:16:37 +0900
Event       Idol Style vol 5
Location    Take Off 7 (Shibuya)
Date        2002.06.05
Time        19:00 - 21:30
Guests      Tanaka Hiromi
            Nakanishi Miku
            Cutie Pai
            Itou Asuka
            Miracle Twin Star
            Kizuka Saki
Cost        3000 yen

Event report version 0.8 by Hitoshi Doi, 2002.06.06

Although the group LaLaLu is a regular for the monthly Idol Style event,
they were absent from June's Idol Style.
In their place, Itou Asuka appeared solo.

The performers sang in the following order.

 -   Passhu
 -   Kizuka Saki
 -   Miracle Twin Star
 -   Itou Asuka
 -   Cutie Pai
 -   Nakanishi Miku
 -   Tanaka Hiromi

Itou Asuka was wearing a white, very fancy and frilly dress.
Her stage flowed as follows.

 -   Hitomi ni Yakusoku
 -   Suiheisen de Tsukamaete
 -   [another CoCo song]
 -   Asu he no Yuuki

[pic of Asuka at www.feature-com.com/ivent.htm]

Cutie Pai wore their sailor style outfit, the same that they wore
the previous month.
Their stage flowed as follows.

 -   Hello Cutie Pai
 -   Koi no Kisetsu to Kimi to Boku
 -   Tamaniha Konna Koino Hajimari
 -   [talk]
 -   Reflection Love
 -   Yell

Since this was Cutie Pai's first event in a month, they looked a little
rusty.  I think they made more mistakes (singing) during this stage
than any other.  Also Makky and Momose's hands bumped into each other
a lot during the dances.

After the event, some of the groups sold goods.
Cutie Pai sold tickets to their events on 6/7 (A Box of Chocolate vol 5)
and 7/13 (Cutie Land).  They also had some new goods with Momose, their
new member on it.  They sold several types of mousepads.

Also, Miyanishi Noa appeared to pass out flyers for the LaLaLu CDs
and the August Kome Iijan event!

Hitoshi Doi (LaLaLu FC #49, Cutie Pai FC #2)              Toshi Nibunnoichi
                           " this space for rent "
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