Re: current status of Kira Melo girls

from Kishiji Bando <>
subject Re: current status of Kira Melo girls
date Fri, 12 Oct 2001 21:58:01 -0700 (PDT)
Hi hi,

Hitoshi-san thus spoke:

> I don't know if many people are interested, but.. (^_^;

Well, I thought that was very interesting! ^_^

> - LaLaLu (Hinano Mayo, Sakurai Sara, Miyanishi Noa,
>   Ohtsuka Mae, Kimura Ikue, Shintani Sayaka,
>   Minano Fuuko, Itou Asuka, Aina)
> Most of the LaLaLu girls are doing other jobs solo too.
> Noa is doing lots of idol-ish work, Ikue is doing
> seiyuu work, and Mae is doing actress work.

So Kimura Ikue is a former Kira Melo girl... I didn't
know that... I liked her voice-acting as the main
character in "Samurai Girl: Real Bout High School"...

As a matter of fact, she also did some real acting for
Samurai Girl - strange as it sounds... ^_^ The "ending
animation" for that series was actually not animated:
it was a short live action movie in which Ikue (seiyuu
for Mitsurugi Ryoko, the "samurai girl" of the title)
and Nogawa Sakura (seiyuu for Onizuka Miyuki, the cute
miko Ryoko gets to befriend and protect) played their
respective roles for real, costumes and all (a seifuku
for Ikue, white & red miko clothes for Nogawa Sakura).
I was very impressed at how cool, beautiful and deadly
Ikue managed to look... ^_^ Sakura did quite well too,
looking just as pretty and mysterious as her character
Miyuki-chan is supposed to be...

Ja ja,

  "Anata ga itekurete... ureshikata! Ureshikata no!
   Tottemo, tottemo! Daisuki na Mireille..."
            (from Kirika's love letter, Noir ep 23)

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