Re: December/New Year's events?

from Hitoshi Doi <>
subject Re: December/New Year's events?
date Fri, 12 Oct 2001 14:13:05 +0900
Jordan Derber wrote:
| Since I will be in Japan again this December (didn't get to go to any seiyuu
| events last year, unfortunately, unless you count the radio show we watched
| for a few minutes at a shopping center in Kobe... these weren't anime
| seiyuu, though, just radio DJs... out of curiosity, does anyone recognize
| them?, if there have been any
| events scheduled yet, I would be very grateful if someone would post
| whatever information one knows, and if anyone hears of any other upcoming
| events from now until New Year's, please post any information on those, as
| well.

I don't think many of the December events have been announced yet,
but I'll post some info for the upcoming events later.

TGS begins today..  but I'm not going this time.
This will be the first TGS that I haven't gone too.
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